Tuesday, October 1, 2013


how did we get here?! seriously... october, you're a sneaky little devil. i feel like i've barely gotten through september! not to mention every weekend in october is already booked for me. no idea why this is the busiest time of year (every year, it seems).

that being said.... YAY, it's october! :) so many good things to look forward to. i've already started on my pumpkin spice latte fix, so that's checked off. now we move on to more pumpkin things, fall sweaters, leggings, boots, and a crisp chill in the air. (look back on this post when i begin ranting about winter and its freezing temps. that post is definitely coming.)

one of my favorite purchases for fall is definitely THIS sweater from H&M. PS - did you know they're finally selling clothes online now? took them long enough. and the only reason that i'm excited for it to get really cold is so i can wear that sweater. it's hanging it my closet right now, just waiting for me to love it :) keep checking the H&M site for their sales... they have a lot of great deals and their clothes tend to go on sale fairly quickly! i'm holding out for their above-the-knee socks!

have a lovely first day of october friends!


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