Monday, September 30, 2013

monday monday.

a monday list to kick off the week!

1. my best friend and her husband are bringing home their baby corgi puppy this weekend! super excited to meet my "puphew." :) i'm counting on his cuteness to heal my heart from losing misty.
2. heading to NYC this weekend for a girl's trip with two great friends to celebrate my roomie's birthday!
3. i'm wearing a neon yellow necklace today. this makes me happy.
4. the month of october is going to be insane. i'm already booked solid every weekend except for like, one day. YIKES.
5. i've been enjoying iOS7. haters gonna hate, but i don't mind it.
6. my baby brother is coming home from CO for a visit in december! hooray.
7. i had honey bbq buffalo wings on sunday and it was necessary. YUM.
8. i loved my saturday... got to see an old coworker of mine, went to a delicious taco night dinner party, and went out for dancing and drinks with my best friends. plus: homemade breakfast in the morning!
9. i get to work from home this Friday. hallelujah.
10. launching my new blog very, very soon! stay tuned friends.

hope your weekend was amazing!


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