Tuesday, September 3, 2013

oh, it's monday.

after waking up from last night's melatonin induced REM cycle, i'm back at work. i wish work meant my bed right now. seriously.

however, my long weekend was lovely. i ended up getting to log off of my work computer at 12 on friday. so i packed and headed to my friend sarah's house. we went to a wine tasting at a liquor store (about as classy as you can get in that area), bought good beer, and ate crabs with her family. i'm a bad Marylander at this point, since this is the only time i've had crabs this summer. slap on the wrist for me.

then we road-tripped to Shenandoah, VA for a short visit with sarah's family. farmland has been calling my name, people. i miss open spaces and no highway noise. it was good for my soul to get away for a bit and relax. we went to the local flea market and the county fair... it was good times. we came home and i promptly went to the Nats game with some friends, where we found out our tickets had already been used by someone else and we fought with old men who were watching the seat numbers like hawks so we could all sit together. and it was hot as hell so we were disgusting by the end, but you know. all in the name of fun.

thank the lord for labor day. i had no food in the house so i went to Target and then lounged around with my roommate watching Netflix while she finished some DIY projects. i was supposed to unpack from the weekend, but who cares. that's not as much fun as being lazy, drinking iced coffee and eating Target brand pizza. then we grilled and drank wine and it almost felt like we would never have to go to work again. (what a dream.)

hope your labor day weekend was as lovely as mine! have a good start of the week, friends.


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