Tuesday, August 27, 2013

rain & umbrellas.

every time i decide to be lazy and wear my glasses to work (literally one or two days a year), it decides to rain. i don't know how i have this gift of picking the exact day it's going to downpour. the up side is that i get to use my new Kate Spade umbrella!

it only makes the day happier. this week (all one and a half days of it so far) has felt rough. i was under pressure to get some things done yesterday that aren't in my job description and i didn't really know how to do... it got figured out but i hate the feeling of not knowing if i'm doing something right or wrong. i am a perfectionist when it comes to work and i have a very low tolerance for screw-ups from anyone else... so double that, and that's how hard i am on myself. and i have some personal things going on that i'm trying to sort out, so i am looking forward to spending the rest of this week at home before a much-needed weekend roadtrip!

speaking of... the Grand Prix is in town, meaning every single road i need to use to drive to work, park, and walk to work is shut down. never in my life have i felt more blessed to be able to take my computer home and work from the comfort of my couch. which also means sleeping in a bit since i don't have to put on a stitch of makeup (hooray!) or get dressed, or drive anywhere. i'm calling it my mini-staycation. (since i still have to do work, after all.)

hope your tuesday is nice and dry! (and sunnier than here.)


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