Friday, August 23, 2013

coffee & tires.

this morning is brought to you by blueberry iced coffee and hitting my back car tire really hard on a curb.


i have a bad track record when it comes to my tires. most of the time, it's not my fault, i swear! i get so many nails in my tires (always the back ones) it's not even funny. when my car's "low tire" light comes on, i just sigh and say "again?!" at least i've found the perfect place to go to patch them... an Exxon gas station near my dad's house. they always take my car right away and patch it up for $20 in fifteen minutes, even on a busy Saturday. love those guys.

then there's the small issue of hitting the curb. i will say i have gotten much better at avoiding them... except for this morning. which really wasn't my fault either, considering the car in the lane next to me was way too close. of course i had to move onto the curb to get into my parking lot. (or i could have waited for traffic to move so i had more room... ain't nobody got time for that.) fingers crossed that there's no damage when i get out of work this afternoon. i knew i got AAA for a reason.

in other news... tonight i'll be out with friends at one of the best pizza places in baltimore, dancing up a storm to a bluegrass band i used to go see all the time in college. thumbs up for re-living throwback memories! have a good friday!


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