Monday, August 19, 2013

new things.

hey all... i am currently working on a new project in the blog world, soon to debut here. unlike this lifestyle blog (which i rarely keep up with, as you can tell), the new adventure will be a daily posting. also, you won't have to hear as many details about my boring life. :) i'm currently in the design stages, but you'll know when it's ready!

anyway, i have time for a short life update this morning, so here you go:

1. my new job is going very well. i've only been here for a couple months but have already received an award for hard work. yay! not to mention i get to work from home next week because of the Grand Prix shutting down every road i need to get to the office. inconvenience sometimes has its perks.
2. my secret to making great iced coffee? using the strongest, darkest roast i can find so it never tastes watered down when i add ice and the ice melts. my savior this weekend. (also a good tip from friends: making coffee ice cubes or double brewing!)
3. i'm ready to start a new music project, hopefully with a good friend of mine! fingers crossed that timing works out and we can dedicate ourselves to some great music making while in the midst of insanely busy lives.
4. i have a handful of friends going through hard times at this particular moment in life... Psalm 34:19-20 was a good thing for me to read last night.
5. i have a big problem with the amount of clothes all over my bedroom floor. (my roommate can attest to this...) i get so lazy about hanging things up and putting it all away! issues. i've tried more than once to kick this habit, nothing's doing it for me (yet).

monday morning top 5. have a good start of the week!


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sarah m. said...

i like hearing about your 'boring' life.<3