Saturday, June 22, 2013

playing catchup.

hey there, friends! as per usual, i've been slacking on the blog front. don't worry, i have some great excuses for you. trust me. :)

1. six weddings. yep, SIX. jodi, lauren, larissa, dan, alicia, krista. (krista's is actually in october.) of all of those, i sang in two, was maid of honor in one, and was a bridesmaid in three. it's kept me very busy. the above picture is an example of just how many bobby pins i had to consistently pull out of my hair.
2. i got a new job! i left my job of three years after a lot of soul searching and have taken a new path that i am very excited about. (let's be honest, a lot of it had to do with getting paid a lot more.) i already know that this is the right choice for me.
3. music. all the wedding festivities have caused me to put a big hold on my music-- personally and with church. there was just no way i could do it all. so i took off about four months or so and am just starting to get back into writing, recording, and playing.

now that some of the insanity has calmed down, i'm looking forward to blogging more and posting with a theme each day. more to come! for now, enjoy this gem that i've been listening to non-stop. i just saw their show a couple weeks ago.

Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound


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