Wednesday, August 21, 2013

happy wednesday!

just a few things i'm thinking about this morning:

1. this dress. i had to get it as soon as i saw the latest blog post from atlantic-pacific. (it also doesn't help that i am a Target fanatic.)
2. dealing with people at work. it can be hard, you know? i saw a post from someone recently that said, "every day i get to work with the best intentions and the right attitude... then idiots happen." haha that may be a little harsh, but essentially what i've been struggling with!
3. really thankful for the $25 Starbucks gift card my brother sent me for my birthday back in july... i have about .70 cents left on it and i needed a skinny vanilla latte this morning.
4. i always have a short morning routine, but oh man. yesterday i woke up half an hour late and still made it into the office by 7! a personal best :)
5. the ever lovely kaelah is working with me on the blog design for my new project... so excited to have her creative eye on my side!
6. my best friend is getting a corgi puppy... i cannot wait to play with the little guy! i miss having a dog so much.
7. shout out to this girl, who i will be road tripping with next weekend. much needed! xo sm!
8. if  any of you girls are looking for a great wax/facial/tanning place in the Columbia, MD area, go see Erica Loren. she is so sweet and is so good at her job!
9. missing this friend today... wish i could see her more often!
10. i like this "in between summer and fall" weather! not too hot and not freezing. yes please.

and on that note... must get to work!


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