Wednesday, March 6, 2013

moving, painting, sickness & other things.

1. I moved on Saturday. To a new house that my lovely, already-roommate Laura bought. It is already a change of pace, maybe one that is much needed in my life. Normally I hate change.

2. We painted my room the night before we moved in. It was swirly-painted lavender with a garden of flowers for (I hope) a little girl named Madison. (I only know her name because that was painted on the wall as well.) Now it's a lovely, grown up gray.

3. I proceeded to get sick the day after moving. Well, I felt something coming on the day of the move, but we were so busy I didn't really notice. I noticed the day after, though, when I couldn't breathe and felt like I was DYING. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I rarely get sick, so when I do, it's the worst feeling ever. I am completely non-functional except for couch, TV, meds, and my bed.

4. In accordance with the above, I haven't been to work since last Thursday. Also, I have barely unpacked from the move. Only my clothes have made it to the closet, and that was about all I could handle. Luckily, I'm feeling on the mend today. Here's hoping for a more productive end of the week.

5. Laura and I painted our entire living room today and we feel super accomplished. Let me tell you... the people that lived here before didn't do so well with the whole color coordination thing. I'm talking pale green living room, BRIGHT blue kitchen, stairwell sponge painted brown, pale blue bedroom, white and red striped bedroom, and you've heard about my bedroom already. Anyway, we are fixing this hot mess one brush stroke at a time. The living room has become a calm taupe/grayish shade that looks really good.

6. I have about a million things to do for various weddings that are coming up in my near future. My most important ones are all within a month of each other. Insanity may ensue.

7. Today, our forecast was basically a blizzard. But mostly, it just rained. Go figure.

8. All I have eaten in the past four days is leftover donuts and pizza from our moving day. Go ahead, judge me. Also, a ton of OJ, water and NyQuil to combat the illness.

9. I can't help watching every episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. I love it. MAJOR.

10. I now have an elliptical in my basement and I WILL do cardio like a madwoman. Maybe even twice a day... summer's coming!


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sarah m. said...

I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE SICK WHEN I TEXTED YOU! i love you lady feel better can i bring you something homemade next week? :) <3