Friday, March 22, 2013

home away from home.

today was one of those strangely deceiving days. i was looking through the window at how sunny and lovely it was and thought to myself, "this day must be so warm!" LIES. it was so cold outside. the sun beating down did make my car warm, which was nice. but the temp was way low. ANYWAY. the picture above is basically just wishful thinking. i did not find myself in the park today.

instead, i find myself in st. mary's county at my roommate's parent's house. we came to stay the weekend and go to our friend jodi's wedding tomorrow! it's my first of six weddings this season. (yes, i have a lot.) it's good that i am getting some downtime while i can. between planning for wedding events and life changes, i know i need to embrace the quiet. so i am blogging and watching Say Yes to the Dress. do what makes you happy, they say.

side note: have you ever gone through a really confusing life moment where you realize half of you is happy and the other half is... just not? i've been struggling with that lately. struggling with the surface thought of it and what to do next. do i leave my job? do i try to start something new? do i give up things and focus a lot more on what does make me happy (i.e. playing music and writing). i know that this will work itself out. i'm just going through a weird phase. when i turned 25, i was able to call it my quarter-life crisis. not so much anymore!

hope you all are having a relaxing weekend, enjoy it!


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