Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh hey, 2013.

Hello friends! It has surely been a while. Many things have been happening (hence the non-blogging). As I write this, my roommate/landlord is hemming and hanging curtains in my bedroom and frantically painting over nail holes in the walls. She is prepping to sell our (well, her) house and I am moving yet again.

Long story short... she got a job in TX and made the decision to sell her townhome. I have loved this house from all the random nights I hung out here until I moved in for real. It has only been six months for me, but it feels like much longer. On a superficial note, I will miss my big bedroom, having my own spacious bathroom, and my walk-in closet. A LOT. I just had to get that off my chest.

Luckily, my other roommate and long-time friend, Laura, decided to buy her first house when she heard we would have to move. So that's very exciting for her, and good news for me since I won't be homeless! And hopefully won't have to move again for a good long while.

In other news: I have started playing music with a couple of guys from Annapolis, which has been fun. It's been good to get out there and sing at some bars and events, and get a little exposure. I am still working on my own music projects and have been trying to come up with ways to put my own self out there a little more as well. (Scary). Also, I have learned the valuable lesson of cutting back on things and making room for the new. I can't talk much about that now but it was necessary.

So... moving in a couple weeks, six weddings coming up this spring/summer/fall, hopefully some new things to look forward to. That's my life! Until next time...


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sarah m. said...

six is a record. i think i only did that one year.. but for one of those you're my date!!!! yaaaay lubyou