Saturday, November 24, 2012

well, hello there.

as usual.... life has gotten away from me. these pictures can better explain my life in the past months than i ever could with words :) so take a look and enjoy. i really need to make picture posts a daily thing, since i'm always taking them! my iPhone was on overload.

 fun with guns at my cousin's farm

 holding this precious, sweet life for the first time!

 baby Reagan!

 her big sis Alayna. she's already too cool for school.

 my honorary sisters! Jude...

 ... and Cait.

 the Color Run in DC! so messy fun.

 prettiest cake EVER. and yummy.

 sending our beloved emily off to San Fran.

 pale but i like it.

 she's in my corner. love this chick.

 haha love texting with her. she's so right!

 my band. love love love them.

 fun nights!

Thanksgiving 2012.

and there you have it... until next time, friends.


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