Saturday, October 13, 2012


really happy to be out of my normal state for a change. the past few months have not been the happiest. some days are good. some days are really good. others are fairly bad. but life is a day-to-day experience, and i firmly believe you just have to take it as it comes. "one step at a time" is the most used piece of advice that i give and follow.

this weekend i am at my dear friend larissa's house (you guys should know her by now!) and we are having a much needed time of catching up. i love seeing her family... her parents are like my mom and dad. in fact, i call them "mom and dad." we always have dinner together complete with dad's homebrewed beer, mom's delicious cooking, and lots of awesome conversation. i needed that after this past week, more than i knew.

tonight we will celebrate our friend emily, who is moving her beautiful self to san francisco. she randomly got a job there and is leaving to explore the great unknown. she has such guts. i don't think i could move on a whim like that. i know her heart is in traveling though, and she hasn't gone anywhere for a while. this will always be her home. we will always be here waiting for her. but i am so excited for this new adventure! it will be so bittersweet saying goodbye tonight but happy as well.

in crazy happy news-- larissa and i got tickets to see Further Seems Forever/Chris Carabba in a couple of weeks! i randomly thought to see what he has been up to, and we saw that he has rejoined his old beloved band. AND they are putting out a new record in a week or so. bonus. they are incredibly talented, and i can't get enough of chris's amazing vocals. he is amazing. i saw him a couple of years back when he did a solo Dashboard Confessional tour and it is still one of the best shows i've ever seen. cuts straight to my heart. we are more than looking forward to Nov. 3!

in short-- i'm just really happy to get away for a couple of days and share that feeling here. thanks.


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