Sunday, September 2, 2012

better late than never...

wow, you guys. i haven't put off posting this much since... a long time ago. well, it's not that i'm putting it off-- it's just that i haven't thought about it lately. life gets in the way. here's a photo update for you though! (sorry-- there are lots.)

 we had an olympics party!
 my honorary brother zack (on the right) got moved to TX. thanks, air force.
 little seester's 20th birthday!
 beach time with rissa
 wedding date <3 font="font">
 girl's night out
 best lunch ever
 sbucks date and my shoes
 last sunday leading worship with this brother. miss him.
 view from my deck. so blessed.
 self photography.
 hot august blues festival with elizabeth!
 more grilling
 langhorne slim @ ottobar
 i am slightly addicted to this stuff. mmm.
 reunited with the pup! miss her.
 MD born & raised. give me that old bay. YUM.
a night of margaritas without a blender and The Hills marathon. don't judge.

this has been my life lately :) i admit that sometimes the insanity of it all gets the best of me and i forget how blessed i am. it's nice to lay things out in photos and see all that i have. seriously, i go to bed every night thanking God for a great house/living situation, a warm bed to sleep in, and my people. i find myself amazed at how much i let that get lost on me daily. trying to make a change and appreciate every day and everything i have. i'm very blessed indeed. i'm feeling that in spite of some recent things that have happened (drama at work and not getting that aforementioned job i applied for). i have days where i feel like a mess, like nothing will be right again. but that is never true and it is up to me to increase my faith and trust in God's plan. after all, He is the reason i am who i am, and i've been learning over the past few months to let my beliefs stand firmer than ever. i don't want to compromise them for anyone or anything.

have a great sunday and i'll try to post more often! happy september! (new blog look in honor of autumn!)


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