Sunday, July 22, 2012

happy sunday!

hey loves! the above is a recap of the past week... pool time with my friend krista, bachelorette night with my roommate (notice the framed picture of One F Jef in his knee socks-- that was my birthday present! haha), and my friends lauren and kevin got engaged!! it's been busy.

in other news... waiting to hear the results of my job interview, recording more music tomorrow, enjoying new friendships and meeting new people as of late. not a bad place to be. and every day i'm waking up thankful that i was able to move into an amazing house with an amazing person. it really changes your perspective on every day when you live somewhere great. and it's been summer storming so much lately around here... i just sit on my bathroom floor and watch it through the skylight :)

okay, one more thing: you guys may have heard of this band before, but if you haven't, you must listen. they're my latest obsession... the vespers. my nashville friends will know them for sure. but the rest of you need to go listen! they're a fairly new folky brother-sister band... grew up on music in the Nash, then after the flood there in 2010, decided to quit everything and pursue music. even better is the fact that they are so passionate about their faith, but they don't throw blatant "Jesus lyrics" at you in their music. they write honestly and well. they are talented and you are missing out if you don't give them a try!

there is also a new post over at my music blog... check it out HERE!

enjoy your sunday! xo

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Faith said...

Good luck with the job interview!