Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 record is DONE!

hey guys,

i'm posting today with some very exciting news for me personally. i am finished recording my 2012 album! it's been a long time coming... while it has only taken months to finish, i have been in this stage of life for years. i have written songs, thrown out songs, completed whole albums then tossed them because i ended up hating them. (can you tell that i'm my biggest critic?) so this album is a pretty major thing for me... not only have i finished it, i really like how it's turned out. (you have no idea how hard that has been for me to say!)

if you want some background: the album is called Until We Mend. it has been a project of writing the past six months to a year in a very crazy stage of life. there are lyrics of heartbreak, contentment, pain and joy. i will say that i personally enjoy really sad, depressing music more than happy songs. it's just who i am. a lot of my writing caters to that, but there are some upbeat tracks as well. all of what i've done very much speaks to my heart over the past year and things i've gone through. some of the songs are so real to me that they were almost painful to record. and some of them are reflections of my friend's lives that i've been able to witness. overall, it's a very simple, acoustic and vocally raw piece of work.

i will say that this project is far from perfect. it's all self-accomplished, so there are definitely recording flaws and such (if you have an ear for that sort of thing). don't judge too harshly :) i am proud of finishing this and being able to give something out that really reflects my type of music and my heart. all of this is ME, plain and simple. i'm excited to share it.

the tracks are all up on my Purevolume site, which you can access here: UNTIL WE MEND.

if you like it, free downloads are available on the site and please give to your friends! lyrics are available on there too. if you hate it, thanks for stopping by & i don't hold a grudge ;) SIDE NOTE: nothing of what i do is about fame or fortune. music is a huge part of me and my only goal is to create songs from my heart that others can also relate to.

please leave comments here about the album if you'd like! i'd love your feedback.


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