Saturday, July 14, 2012

good morning & good afternoon.

hi! it feels like every time i go to blog (always on weekend mornings), i get distracted by all the other beautiful blogs out there and i never get around to mine. i planned to write this post an hour ago... just saying. :)

i saw this quote on another blog today: "whenever i get sad, i stop being sad and start being awesome." funny, simple, and TRUE. new life mantra? i think so.

i've been playing with the beauties in the picture above lately. i finally got around to re-stringing them! i let them go for way too long. i won't even tell you what color the strings were on my good old yamaha. but it's been great writing and playing and recording consistently! i'm currently working on a project called "until we mend." it may sound a little depressing, but i'm writing this album from all my experiences of being down & out. all the tracks are ending up tied together in one way or another. i definitely don't want it to turn out to be so... sad. but the whole point of the work i'm doing is relating life to music, which i think is the point of music in the first place. i write mostly from the bad things that happen, and it truly helps me heal. if i can write about a bad time, it's the perfect outlet. i have a few tracks that are done, so maybe i'll post some soon. :)

anyway. i hope you guys have an amazing saturday! i'm cleaning, studying a few things for my interview on monday (YIKES), and eating cupcakes my dad bought me yesterday for my birthday. enjoy!


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Faith said...

That amazing quote is from "How I Met Your Mother!" I love the name of your new project and look forward to reading more.