Monday, July 9, 2012


today is my 26th birthday. crazy. i know it's not that old.. a lot of my older friends keep making fun of me because anything past 25 scares me! but i recognize that i'm still young, still have so much to do, and still have a lot of life left :)

this past year was a good one for the most part. it was the second year of my job that i love, second (and last) year of living with my best friend, lots of people got engaged, friends are continuing to get married and have babies... many things to celebrate with people that i love!

this birthday comes at a very good time. i just moved into my new house with my good friend Laura (she gave me the flowers!), and it's a welcome change. i feel that my life is taking on new challenges and i get to open a new chapter. i am a fan of "starting life over" after a big change. so i've moved, unpacked, applied for a new job within my work (fingers crossed!), i'm living with an amazing friend, and i'm turning 26 today. very good things are coming, i can feel it.

here's to 26... over halfway to 30 ;) KIDDING. [commence freakout here!!]



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