Monday, March 19, 2012

photo catchup & music monday!

beer sampler at Duclaw. (taken by scotty)
maid of honor ring pop
cutest baby that i know :)
chillin with dension witmer
after teitur's show
the lovely marit larsen
the best shoes i've ever bought-- and now own in four colors
vday band practice snack!

there's a little glimpse of my recent life in a nutshell. of course other things have been going on, but i either forget to take photos or.. i'm just lazy. in any case, that's what i've been up to. i left the fire photo out on purpose because you can read the last post for yourself. :)

i haven't done music monday in a while! okay, so you saw my photos with various musical people above. now you need to go listen to them. i forgot to include that i once again saw mr. william fitzsimmons, who is brilliant. best songwriter i've ever experienced. i got to meet denison witmer on tour with william, who i was very excited to see considering i've listened to him for years. then i saw teitur-- the last time i saw this guy was probably six years ago. finally, marit larsen. she is formerly of the duet M2M, if i want to revert back to my teenage years. very popular back in the day when she was sixteen. now she's an adult doing her grown-up music thing, and i like what i heard from her.

if you haven't heard of these guys, go listen. i promise it will be worth it!


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