Monday, March 12, 2012

fire. & more fire.

well, this has pretty much been the busiest and most eventful weekend ever. friday night i went out with some friends and that was fun.. we danced, had drinks, the usual. saturday i got up way early to go to my former college, where we were having a CRU ministry reunion. i led worship with some old friends, my current pastor spoke, and i caught up with some beautiful people. that was really fun. sunday i went to my friend's baby shower.. i've been friends with dan since my first year of college, so i think he's my oldest SU friend! his wife brittany is pregnant with their baby boy (due in 5 weeks!) and they are already making him love all things star wars :) i bought little lucas the cutest star wars tee for him to wear.. anyway, it was such a good time. i haven't seen dan and brit in years so it was amazing to finally get together with them and celebrate their joy. after the baby shower i went to larissa's since she was only 20 minutes away from the house where the party was held. we had a few friends over and had a bonfire, the usual. it was a lovely night out. but then..

.. we got woken up at 5 am by larissa's aunt dee, yelling that there was a fire. at first (being woken out of a dead sleep), i thought it was the house. then we looked out the window and saw this huge blaze in the woods! so my second thought was, "oh my lord, WE DID THAT. we didn't put out the bonfire right, her dad is going to KILL us, etc." so i called 911 from my phone, the fire department came, and it was actually a couple houses over where the fire was burning. it was a boat that someone either set on fire in the middle of the night as arson (scary) or the boat owners did it on purpose (meaning they're idiots). it was terrifying to wake up and see a big fire in the middle of dry woods and think it was your fault! luckily, it was not, and we went back to sleep. i took a four hour nap today, by the way. so necessary.

i don't know what it is about fire, but it has been following me since college. see this post. can't get away from it, and everyone still jokes about it to this day. i hate fire!

anyway. this weather is gorgeous! sad i slept for most of today, but i had to. enjoy the rest of the week friends! and listen to this band if you get a chance, it's a beautiful collaboration.


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suzy said...

ooh, i love being shown new bands. off to check them out... :)