Monday, March 26, 2012

how things change.

it's only monday, but i feel like i've been taught something new today. three times in one day God has reminded me that life is precious:

1. hearing about a good friend's boss passing away unexpectedly-- at 35 years old, while five weeks pregnant (losing the baby as well). she has a husband and three other children.

2. learning that a friend is in the ER to have her gallbladder removed. she and her husband have to deal with their baby going through surgery as well on friday.

3. feeling the pain of yet another friend dealing with something traumatic concerning his wife.

it is certainly a time to lean on the Lord.

it makes me see how big the blessing of life really is. sure, everyone says that in a moment of hardship. and i do recognize that same statement every day. i always go to bed thanking God for the roof over my head, the comfortable bed i lay in, and a job that i enjoy (not just tolerate). i feel blessed every day whether i acknowledge it or not. but today, i think i've been taught a little more. i think life is too precious to be dishonest with people. to act prideful. to break down others. to gossip at work. to laugh at people when you don't know their circumstances. to be treated unfairly and not stand up for yourself. to fail to defend people in their time of need. i have done all of these things. i have made mistakes and i am absolutely a sinner. but this is not about me, nor should it be. it's about how things change and no matter what makes you realize it, we as people can be better.

every single day that we wake up and live, we can be better

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