Monday, March 5, 2012


this morning i worked on some new music.. it's been a weekend of recording since one of my kind co-workers said he loved my stuff and wanted to hear more. that was super encouraging, it's nice to hear those things about what you work hard on! i posted four new songs on my site, so go ahead and listen HERE if you want to!

the above photo is from about a year ago, when my church was just starting and we were meeting in a hotel conference room. it was also when i was learning how to lead worship by myself, on my own for many months. a crazy time in life, but it made me evolve so much.

i started playing music in third grade, when i decided i wanted to play flute. that continued until my senior year of high school. after i graduated and started college, i dropped flute completely. i hated music theory and after about 10 years of playing, i was done. i randomly picked up my roommate's guitar one day and wanted to play. after studying on hers for a while (with extremely high action haha), i went on eBay and bought a used Yamaha for about $100. little did i know it would be the best purchase i ever made. i committed my first semester of college to teaching myself everything i could about this instrument, with help from some friends. then i started writing. i had been a singer for a long time, also since third grade, but i never did much with it besides bedroom and shower singing. eventually i found my voice and began what i call "real" singing. honestly, i can't even believe i've made it to where i am sometimes. i never thought of myself as "good." i wanted to be, but it was a long stretch of road before i started believing it. and i still throw out half of what i write because i'm completely self-critical :) but this journey of music has been one i couldn't live without. it's so special to me, and being able to do something i love every week (leading worship at church) is amazing. and having the equipment/opportunity to record and make something out of nothing has been a great learning experience. i'm far from amazing but i do think i've found a nice little niche for myself. i hope you guys enjoy what i've done as much as i enjoyed making it happen. even if it's no good to anyone else, it's part of me.


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