Wednesday, February 8, 2012

trying to put your heart back together...

this isn't a depressing post, i promise... just a song stuck in my head :) look up the lyrics here, then go listen! <3 slow runner.

it's not quite valentine's day yet, but with snow falling down and a warm house, i'd like to write a little list of things that i love. or appreciate.

1. wedding planning with my roommate. i keep saying hers will be the most important one in my life besides mine.. and seeing as how i'm not getting hitched anytime soon, it stands at #1 :)
2. tea & coffee. such simple drinks that can be done super cheap or deliciously expensive.. they make me so happy! (see the Starbucks cup above).
3. i appreciate my work very much. every day, whether busy or slow, is a gift. it's a blessing to be a working girl who loves what she does, and i don't take it for granted. i'm finding it's very rare to meet others who love what they do and rarely have a bad day at their job.
4. you all know i love music. i recently added an electric guitar to my family of two acoustics.. an excellent deal through a friend and i am excited to start writing with it! and i'm thankful for worship and my church band. they are great.
5. my mom. she is currently gone for an indefinite amount of time, and i don't know when i'll see or talk to her again, but it makes me love her that much more. and miss her.
6. i so appreciate my health.. especially during cold & flu season. i have never been one to get sick much (i haven't even been to the doctor in probably 15 years except for random shots when i went to china in 2006). i know that terrible illness can happen to anyone, and as i get older i could develop something, but i feel blessed that i have my health and am never really sick besides the occasional cold.
7. i love comfy clothes! i used to be the queen of hoodies until i grew up and out of that stage. now i find myself craving them like ice cream. i want one with a sherpa fleece lining!
8. i'm about to get really superficial: i love my iPhone. i do! i freely admit it. i think if you have one you understand. i just use it for so much.. email especially, so i can keep up with my worship leader duties even when i'm in the office at my (paying) job. and i use the "reminder" feature like woah, so i don't forget anything!
9. i am in love with my best friends. they are the best guys and girls i could ask for. my girls listen to me and let me share my heart with them, and the guys keep me laughing. it's awesome.
10. JESUS. what could i do on this earth without my God? i couldn't love as much, trust as much, or feel as much. i need Him.

that's my little bit of love for the day.. xo

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