Sunday, February 5, 2012

thinking about things.

this week, a girl from my old church was badly injured in an accident. she literally got hit by a bus. you may be thinking of that scene from Mean Girls, but this time it's real. you can read about it here.

obviously, this puts things in perspective. a beautiful, 20 year old girl who's in college just beginning her life has hit a major roadblock. she didn't deserve it, she didn't expect it, and she will not recover from the memory of it for the rest of her life. but she does have Jesus Christ. she has a family and friends. she has her church and her faith that things will get better. if she didn't have those things, i guarantee she would have a 100% harder time getting through this.

this awful incident has made me realize that i cannot live this life without God. i just can't. there are times when i go through rough patches and think i can handle everything on my own, and take responsibility for myself and make it all better. in the moments where i truly believe that i have it all under control, that's when the Lord chooses to take away and prove Himself yet again. and He shouldn't even have to do that, but He does because of His unfailing love.

even though i don't know Hillary personally, i'm praying for her and i believe that she will recover and have a renewed chance at life. i know God wants her on this earth because she isn't with Him right now in heaven. if you have a second in your day, take it to pray for her. i don't know anyone who needs it more right now.

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