Monday, January 30, 2012

productive morning.

and hopefully a productive day. my mondays always start with a google+ video chat with my church's pastor and tech guy. typically, this is us:

lovely, right? :) they're amazing. two of the best people i know.

anyway. today is like, THE day of work and planning (except i don't have an office and i need more hours in the day). i'd write you my to-do list but it's pretty boring and generic. basically all my projects consist of worship planning for the next four weeks, organizing my mess of a desk, tidying up my room, and re-organizing my "inspiration board." that's another name for my bulletin board that i've had for most of my childhood and is now spray painted silver. and is covered in layers of memories: concert tickets, thank you cards, encouragement notes, my 10k race tags, and even my hospital sticker from when i went to visit my friend's baby the day after she was born. it's a special board, but so overcrowded now and i need to put all of those things in a special box and use the board for my to-do lists each week. it's probably going to turn into a wedding planning board at some point, since my roommate is now engaged. fun stuff!

i'm looking forward to that project, and my friend sarah is coming over today. i haven't seen her i in forever and we still haven't exchanged christmas presents (so bad of us). i need to get off here and get going! i've had my black cherry tea and i'm listening to allie moss... perfect way to start the motivation. have a great day!


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