Monday, December 26, 2011


currently posting from larissa's house where i spent my usual christmas night with her family. we had a feast with meatballs, homemade italian spaghetti and sauce, freshly baked bread, and lots of sweets. and eggnog, wine, and beer. it was lovely to spend time with friends and my "second family." they are so dear to me!

in other news... my roommate got engaged christmas night! we've been waiting for that to happen for probably a year haha but now we have a wedding to plan. exciting things coming up in the future for sure.

in a little while larissa and i are off to a Boxing Day feast at some random person's house, courtesy of a friend's invite. apparently there are going to be rooms filled with different foods, including homemade indian. very excited to taste that! it's kind of nice to go somewhere where no one knows you and you get to make a million first impressions all night. that doesn't happen to me often.

hope you enjoyed your holidays!


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Lauren said...

I hope your Christmas was lovely, and your NYE was magical!