Wednesday, December 14, 2011

in plenty or in want.

'tis the season of shopping. of retail and giftcards and promises of money from your grandma in your stocking. :)

i've laid off the shopping for financial reasons for about three months now. it's done me a lot of good-- no unnecessary spending and no worries for a while now! funny how it takes a big breakdown to get to that place. anyway, my point is that despite my discipline, i still want unnecessary things. prime example: a Macbook Pro. i keep looking at them on the apple site, on ebay, on amazon... WHY? i have an iMac that i'm perfectly happy with. i keep telling myself i need a laptop so i can haul it places and sit in Starbucks looking all cool while blogging, or so i can take it somewhere other than my bedroom to record music.


seriously. this is what my mind does to me. i do not need another computer, or to replace the one i currently own. in fact, the whole reason i chose to buy a desktop over a laptop was so that i wouldn't be on it 24/7! i didn't want it to constantly consume my life. but here i am, trying to convince myself i need it. and then this slapped me in the face:

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

- philippians 4:12

this is absolute truth. i have learned that secret, and it's a sacred one. as much as this world and my reckless mind long to have more, i know far better that i have every single thing i need. i am not hurting for anything, especially not more electronics or whatever this shell of a body craves. earthly pleasures are all well and good, but not in excess. i found out the hard way that they lead to stress, financial trouble, and a mind set on pointless things.

so while this is indeed the season of shopping, i want to make it the season of smart decision making as well. each one of the christmas gifts i have bought are something i know the person will like and enjoy. i haven't spent any money on useless things. and best of all, my bank account isn't hurting. all from a little self-control! so that's my challenge to you, 11 days before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who put us on this earth not to spend excessive money but to trust in Him. that you would take a look at where your money is going and if you can live without a few things. or put those dollars to better use.

i have learned the secret of being content... in plenty and in want.


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