Saturday, November 19, 2011


with this weather getting colder, i've had a lot more wintery spirit than normal. i don't know why, because i don't like snow that accumulates (my office never closes for anything), shoveling, being freezing, that feeling when your nose is frozen and you feel like you have to sneeze, defrosting my windshield at 5 am, etc. but here are some things that have helped so far:

1. my roommate bought a new (fake) christmas tree, pre-lit and fabulous looking. its name is sven. sven the flame retardant tree.
2. i went to target last night and they have the cutest mini trees in a bunch of fun colors. with mini accessories! i got a white sparkly one for my desk at work, and my bestie sewed a mini tree skirt for it. so cute.
3. i've been drinking a ton of tea lately and there have been some wintery/christmas movies on tv already. and we have fall-scented candles. that's a good combination. i like it.
4. nsync christmas album. it's always been my favorite since i was in middle school.
5. leggings & tights. and boots. and scarves. and knitting.

so maybe this year i won't feel so bitter about the cold setting in. i do love warm weather, and i always miss it this time of year. but there are some highlights already, so i may be learning to embrace it. commence the start of the holidays! :)


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