Friday, November 25, 2011

new music & other things!

hi friends.. just finished putting some new (and old) songs up on the myspace. it amazes me that i'm still using myspace.. but it's good for music posting! i haven't updated that thing in months. i just did a cover of "someone like you" by adele, so check that out if you want. i also have some recently written songs of my own there.

in other news.. one of my dear friends, ashley, has gotten engaged! i am beyond excited for this girl. she is the sweetest friend, and totally deserves a guy like john. the two of them are wonderful together and i am very happy to be close to them and share in their day when it comes around!

the picture of me and my puppy is up because i miss her. like a lot. i wish she could live with me but with landlords charging extra for that kind of stuff & a roommate who doesn't want a dog.. and my lack of free time, it's not a good idea. the point is i love this little girl of mine. i can't believe she turned 10 in october.. even weirder that i got her my sophomore year of high school. i'm old now. :)

anyway.. just wanted to check in a write a little update. the weather has been so lovely this week! kind of ironic that i bought a snow shovel this afternoon :) i know it's coming!

blessings, friends! & please check out the new music, just for kicks.


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