Monday, October 3, 2011

autumn update!

things have been going so well lately, i thought i'd share :)

1. gym time has been successful! i went wednesday and this morning, it's felt so good to commit.
2. cait's bridal shower yesterday was amazing. i still can't believe how well it went considering we didn't have a lot of time to put it together! it was such a fun dress up tea party time.
3. two words: GAVIN DEGRAW. new album. so good.
4. running into a close friend today and getting to chat for a while was a highlight.
5. making dinner tonight with my love sarah.
6. anxiously awaiting the outcome of my job application..
7. burning fall candles. mmm.
8. i'm into fall weather for the most part.. but not when i wake up freezing. i had to turn on my heat today. and i may have only gone to the gym for its warmth. :)
9. a lot of productive work on worship and church things.
10. feeling blessed to be alive, well, and busy.

hope you're all counting your blessings this week!


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