Tuesday, September 27, 2011


oh man, have i been slacking on the workouts. i can't even pretend i've kept up with it.. i have a serious lack of motivation. i figure if i post on here that i'm going for a wellness change, i'll be more prone to do it :) after all, who wants to be seen as a hypocrite by the world?!

i'm no stranger to what a good workout entails. my roommate is in shape and her dad used to work for their website is super helpful for workouts and meal plans, by the way. and they have lots of success stories to keep you motivated! however, i have a severe, unchangeable lack of motivation. i don't know what the problem is, but as much as i think about working out and know how good it makes me feel, i can't make myself do it! it's so bad.

the sad part is that i have the time. most people want to, but are too busy. i'm in the perfect setup! mondays are my day off from work. wednesday nights are usually free. and i can definitely spare some time on the weekends. so i should be getting at least three days of workouts in.


as hard as it's going to be to kick my butt off the couch, i know i can do this! after all, i have run a 10k two years in a row (see the above picture. this year was without training.. and somehow it was amazing). working out itself is not hard for me. my body whips back into shape with no problem. and this is really just a goal to be healthier. and to get endorphins! those guys are necessary.

besides the gym, here are a few other simple things i'd encourage everyone to try:

1. plenty of water every single day. you soda drinkers: give it up! only have one soda a day, if that. or limit to one cup of coffee, if that's your vice. if you hate the taste of plain water, crystal light can help. :)
2. no electronics one hour before bedtime to help you sleep. (i'm breaking this rule right now, but i'm determined to stop.) and try to get 8 hours in.
3. small meals and healthy snacks in between! this will change your body for the better, i promise.
4. having half an hour to an hour of "quiet time" after work. journal your thoughts, think about the good things in life, listen to soothing music, or read your bible (if you're a christian like me!)
5. if you're stuck in a rut like i am, try a rewards system for eating right and working out. treat yourself to something nice at the end of a good month!

i'm determined, friends.. and i will blog to show i'm actually doing it!


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