Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trend tuesday!

i always love investigating trends, whether it be hairstyles, clothes, phrases that people say, colors, cars, artists, music, graffiti, religious beliefs, etc. that being said, i thought it would be fun to host trend tuesday!

this week i've been trying to figure out what the heck to do with my hair. it's long and stick-straight and i like it, but there's only so much i can do! it will not, for the life of me, curl. i get close to curls if i twist it up when it's wet and sleep in it, but even that doesn't do the trick sometimes. so in honor of summer style and wishing i had hair that would cooperate (jk, i love my straightness!), here are some of the loveliest hairstyle trends i can find. because this is definitely on my mind this week!

pretty wedding hair!
messy wavy!
this reminds me of belle from beauty and the beast <3
maybe i'll just leave it straight and grow it out...
ahh! lovely!

not that i would change anything about me for the world (i love what God has given me!), but it's fun to pretend my hair will actually react to a curling iron :) and i like seeing what else is out there to try! make sure you stop by tomorrow for "w" wednesday (it's a secret)!

[all images via weheartit.]

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