Monday, June 20, 2011

music monday...

oops. i kind of missed the rest of the week after tuesday-- life got unexpectedly busy. don't hold it against me :) hopefully this week will be easier! and you'll see what i want to post for the rest of the weekdays.

well, at least we're back to music monday.. which, in my opinion, is the best day. nothing is better than some good listening. i think everyone needs music. so here's your list for the week:

1. the narrative. i saw this guy/girl duo open for eisley a couple of months ago. they were really good.. they mesh well together and they are slightly awkward onstage, cracking jokes and stuff like that. which makes for a fun atmosphere if you're seeing them live.
2. drew holcomb and the neighbors. i recently read about them somewhere (can't remember where exactly), but i was pleasantly surprised. they record with a lot of energy and i really like the vocals.. and it's 4 guys and 1 girl. that chick is brave.
3. page cxvi. kind of an underground christian band with updated hymns. think of hymns back in the day that make you want to go to sleep rather than sing them-- they're the opposite. they have a really fresh sound and remix of old-school hymns.
4. rend collective experiment. another christian band, but very unique and they have a sound that even non-religious people would listen to.
5. band of horses. i've probably blogged about them before, but they are great. they have a weird, kind of haunting sound (in the best possible way). listen to "the funeral," it's wonderful.
6. green river ordinance. they're not country (because i can't listen to that haha), but they are kind of bluegrassy/folk, comforting, and some good summer listening.
7. greg laswell. i've been listening to him for a long time now, and if i've already mentioned him on here, take it as a sign to go listen to him again. especially his rendition of "girls just wanna have fun." so good.

have a good start of the week! xo.

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arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love drew holcomb and rend collective! :)