Monday, June 13, 2011

music monday!

i know i haven't been blogging consistently recently-- life has just been so busy! but i'm making a comeback with a week full of topics.. one for each day. today, of course, is monday. which i love having off of work, except i get super lazy. here's what i've done so far today: i made a big batch of iced coffee, watched about 4 hours of the bachelorette, put away half my clean laundry, and now i'm blogging. so, so lazy. :)

ANYWAY. music monday! here it is! some summer tunes for you to enjoy:

1. old canes. this band is one of my new summer favorites. they are folky and awesome and have things like harmonicas all over their tracks. very fun and high energy.
2. the ethnographers. this group of guys & gals has an alternative-indie sound that makes you want to instantly go to their show and jump around yelling their lyrics. the female vocalists sound so sweet, and the guys aren't bad either.
3. grey kingdom. this lovely man from canada knows what's up. his lyrics and unique style has me hooked. he's very chill and his piano playing just makes me happy. check him out for sure.
4. the morning benders. these guys are just fun. they sound like you should be on a beach sipping a cocktail while you listen to them. they make me think of old-school bands from the sixties.. with new touches.
5. husband&wife. i really enjoy their electric guitar solos and honestly, i find myself swaying from side to side when listening to them :) they just like to jam.
6. beta radio. i've been playing their music every time i get in my car to drive somewhere.. they have a folk sound with wonderful harmonies that just make me roll my windows down and sing with them!
7. slow runner. you probably remember me writing about meeting this guys on their william fitzsimmons tour-- well, they're still one of my favorites. "damage points" is a great album, half upbeat and half slow and moody. i love it!
8. electric owls. they mix electronica with banjos, crowds of voices and fun percussion! what's not to love?
9. transparent things. this chick is formerly a vocalist for the band anadel, but this is her solo project. she only has a few songs out right now, but i don't even mind listening to them over and over again because she's so good. her voice is captivating, really. and the writing is great as well.
10. matthew and the atlas. i just saw them on tour with mumford & sons this past thursday, and let me tell you-- i was so happy my eyes were opened to them. great sounds coming out of this band-- acoustic, folky, fun, bluegrassy, etc. awesome.

that's the top 10 for this music monday-- come back tomorrow to check out tuesday's new theme! xoxo

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