Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh hey.. restoration.

right now i'm listening to Page CXVI's music. go check them out. they are too lovely to miss. reworked hymns? yes please.

some other lovely things i'm thinking of..

1. warm weather!! two days of it starting tomorrow! oh i can't wait to be outside without a winter coat!
2. girl time.. getting all dressed up and going out :)
3. this past weekend. SO GOOD for me.
4. not getting caught in the busy-ness that is this life.
5. deals on other people's things. like flatscreen tvs.
6. lovely things happening with FFC!
7. moms that are never around but still always there :)
8. counting my blessings.
9. waiting on the Lord. He is my victory.
10. THIS:

"though He slay me, yet i will hope in Him;
i will surely defend my ways to His face.
indeed, this will turn out for my deliverance,
for no godless man would dare come before Him!"
- job 13:15-16 [NIV]

the NLT version says, "but this is what will save me-- i am not godless. if i were, i could not stand before Him." praise the Lord that i didn't choose a godless life. and yes, i had the choice. i could be living apart from Him right now. but as His word says.. "You are my Lord; apart from You i have no good thing." - psalm 16:2. and that has been true for my life.

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