Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh hey.. broken & redeemed

this has been an amazing couple of weeks. i'm feeling so refreshed by the Spirit. my life is just really, really good and i haven't felt like this in a while.. so i'll take it! :)

my friend lauren came by last night and we started working on some music projects.. they are going to be an explanation of sorts of our lives in the past year, coming out of being broken into being redeemed. for our first couple of tracks, you can visit our myspace. there will definitely be more to come!

in other news.. i am excited to have monday off and do some totally random things (more on that later). i spent a lot of quality time with my girlfriends this weekend and we had a crazy night out (including getting things stolen from us.. but what can you do). it was super hectic, fun and especially epic. also, i've been having church meetings to discuss where worship is going at my church and i am embracing new challenges as a worship leader.. having a lot more responsibility and getting a band back together! excited to build that up and see where God takes us in this next chapter.

enjoy your sunday and this weather! blessings. xoxo

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