Tuesday, February 15, 2011

oh hey.. love hate

reasons why I love work:

1. My coworkers are funny.
2. We often have Dunkin Donuts donut holes.
3. I make the coffee every morning so it's how I like it.
4. Fridays off!
5. We are a family.
6. I get to learn cool things about the Coast Guard, such as gun mounting procedures and how to make mistakes & fix them.
7. Getting paid is pretty fun.
8. My bosses are great.
9. Pretzel breaks.
10. We have little parties for every birthday/special occasion (AKA cinco de mayo.) There is always food.

reasons why I don't love work:

1. 10 hour days.
2. Sometimes tedious.
3. Mistakes in the learning process. Lots of them.
4. I need/want more $$.
5. Sometimes i just don't want to wake up at 5:15 AM. (sometimes?? ALL the time.)
6. Staring at my computer often gives me headaches.
7. I have to listen to conversations about hunting and football ALL DAY LONG.
8. I don't actually work for the Coast Guard. (ugh, contracting.)
9. I'm on my iPhone wayyy too much.
10. My computer constantly refuses to run.

But really.. I love my job. :)

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