Friday, February 11, 2011

oh hey.. flashbacks

as i type this, i'm sitting in my old bedroom of the college house i lived in two-ish years ago. i lived here with three of my girlfriends who were awesome. and we had a crazy time as we finished up school and left for the real world.

there are so many memories contained in this house and on my old campus (Salisbury University), and one by one they keep coming back to me. i won't write about them here and bore you. but there's something so bittersweet about coming back to a place that changed your life. they say college is one of the most important times you'll ever have, and i can say that's definitely true for me. i came into this place not knowing who i was, spent my time here figuring it out and screwing up a lot, and left being the best version of myself that i've ever known. the real world has only improved that.

i got here just last night, but even so, this little time i've spent has made me miss college and all it has to offer.. buffalo chicken wraps, late night wawa runs, talking until midnight, campus ministry, laughing all the time. i even snuck into an open classroom last night with one of my friends and sat in the front row being reminded of what that felt like.

anyway.. this is a nostalgic weekend in the best way, and i'm so happy to be here again. it's been a while. hello, old friend.

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