Wednesday, January 19, 2011

oh hey.. new template & THE FUN LIST!

i decided it's time for a blog change, once again. thought this template was quite appropriate considering i am a born writer and always have been.

anyway.. here's my FUN LIST! oh yay. i think i might make this a daily thing. it reminds me that i'm blessed.

1. i got a Groupon for Ecobliss.. not only is the Groupon for $50, but i got it for just $15! it's a secret how i did it though ;) excited to check out this place next friday! i adore Aveda.
2. getting my car cleaned inside out at some point (probably when it gets a little warmer and i can drive with the windows down). which i also happen to have a Groupon for. :)
3. spring/summer dress shopping!!! this, this, this, and this are just a few on my list from Target.
4. taking a legit yoga class or two! i found a yoga center close by that is only $20 to drop in on a session. i think it would be nice to do in an actual studio once in a while and get out of my small living room.
5. march 26. oh i can't wait :)
6. writing new music & [hopefully] recording are back in progress! [check out my old stuff here.]
7. GTL! (not exactly what you think. stop judging & look one letter at a time haha)
8. friday. girl's night. me, the girls, drinks, movies, love Love LOVE.
9. not really something that's happening for real, but i would love to own this pink ballerina rosy dress. it kills me with happiness.
10. sushi. can't get enough of it. and i just found a place around the corner that i can get carryout from!

i'll be back :) xoxo

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