Monday, January 17, 2011

oh hey.. i've been MIA.

sorry for the hiatus.. i've been super busy. i always am; all of my friends and my mom always say i never have free time. my friend cait calls me "the socialite." haha

anyway. some exciting things coming up! i'll make you a list of reasons why i've been MIA and upcoming life events:

1. gym! i've been going at least three times a week and have completely changed my diet to include only healthy things (what i should have been doing all along). you'd be surprised how many places you eat at regularly have super high calorie counts. i recommend checking out the nutrition info of a restaurant BEFORE you go out to eat, so you can make smart choices. completely changed the way i eat.
2. spending time. my friend ash's birthday was this weekend, so between celebrating that and seeing friends, it's been so so busy!
3. Salisbury University. i just moved my sister into my alma mater. i. cannot. believe. this. haha six years ago this month i was moving into my dorm there and it changed my life. i am so looking forward to the next four years for her!
4. music. i've realized that i kind of lost a little piece of myself with all the 2010 craziness. a lot happened and i have no doubt that a part of me got mixed up in bad emotions and situations.. i haven't written music or recorded for months. i want to get back to that because it's a big part of me.
5. USA soccer! march is going to be the first of the east coast games and my friends and i are going! so excited. we are huge soccer fans and what makes this match even better is that it's against Argentina, so i will get to see my boy Lionel Messi (who plays for Barcelona, the team i support).
6. bargains. i love finding deals on clothes and other items. i absolutely hate paying full price for anything, even if it's $20. check out the iPhone app or link for Coupon Sherpa. you'll definitely save some money at your favorite stores.
7. spring weather. oh, i am SO ready. i want to get up in the morning and not have to wear tights to work. i like tights, but only for about a month and a half. i love bare legs haha
8. too much tv. my way of relaxing is to watch a lot of tv haha which isn't so good considering my rep as a literature major. i want to get back into reading books and lay off the remote for a while.
9. new baby! one of my best friend's sisters just had her baby girl! it's so exciting because they were both my roommates in college and even though we don't live close to each other, we are still good friends for life. and i can't wait to meet little alayna audrey!
10. 2011 changes. this year is going to bring very new and exciting things, which i can't mention here yet. but i am getting prepared for it and looking forward to change rather than dreading it.

oh, and don't forget that i work 10 hour days. that's the main reason why i don't blog often. if i could do it at work, i would have like five posts a day :) but i have a feeling the coast guard would frown on that..

until next time! xoxo

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