Monday, December 6, 2010

oh hey monday.. you weren't awful for once!

my loves come home TOMORROW!! oh england, you've kept them for far too long.

today's work day went by really quickly.. and that's saying a lot for my 10 hour days! usually i start dragging by 2 pm. but before i knew it i looked at the clock and it was 3 pm with only an hour to go.

i have a big to-do list this week but i'm hoping to get it all done. my room was a wreck so i cleaned it as soon as i got home today.. and i've got some dishes to do, worship to plan, gym time to put in (now that i've finally committed haha can't beat $10 a month!), and relaxing. my mom is dropping off a bunch of food for me tonight because she's the best. simply the best. i also need to plan for our christmas party this weekend. and i'm missing my roommate, who went home to PA. it's a bit lonely in this little house. however, christmas decorations make me feel so much better :)

currently i'm listening to good old war, a band that opened for chris carrabba when i saw him on friday. they were so good live. really great, check them out. i think you'll be pleasantly surprised. and also, i'm a teeny bit obsessed with Mad Men as of late. the clothes, the characters, the 60's. i watched the first five episodes of season 1 via On Demand, and now i want more!

so. i'm just saying this has been a good monday. very rare in my life, but i'm glad. :)

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Emily said...

I am ALWAYS obsessed with Mad Men :)