Sunday, December 19, 2010

oh, hey.. i forgot about you. :)

welcome to a new chapter of my blogging life.. i've changed this blog into something i call "oh, hey!".. it basically means that every post will begin with that little statement and i'll just continue to write about my life through that. i realized i start a lot of posts like that so why not make into something bigger? i'll probably throw some new features in here as well, like a weekly music blog or share some things i like with you. anyway..

i never realize how busy i am until i come to my blog and see that not only have i failed to write, i've failed to read other blogposts. and i love reading blogs! ultimate fail. i probably haven't been back here in at least a month. awful.

anyway. it's christmastime.. hard to believe it's only 6 days away! but there are a lot of things to rejoice in this holiday season. i'll make you a little list:

1. apple & riss returning safely from england!! i can't even express to you how happy i felt to reunite with them!
2. seeing more people than expected at a friend's annual christmas gathering. i saw so many of my old friends!
3. getting starbucks coffee & an iTunes giftcard as my secret santa gift at work.
4. a nice little snowfall that was the perfect amount.. nice to look at, covered the ground, but didn't create a blizzard that traps me in my house for a week. (ahem.. last year. ugh.)
5. i'm really happy with the gifts i've gotten everyone for christmas this year. it can be hard to buy for my family but i got some things i know they will enjoy.
6. i really love my church. and having a big part in worship there.
7. my busy life. it can be so tiring but i definitely have many reasons to wake up in the morning and LIVE, so that's awesome.
8. my new guitar.. so happy to have something quality to make music on!
9. hot chocolate & peppermint schnapps. delicious.
10. Jesus is my main reason for living every day on this earth, so He definitely makes this list! not to mention He's the whole reason why we have Christmas.

have a happy holiday!! xoxo

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