Sunday, December 5, 2010

busy. so busy.

i haven't had any time at all to blog. hence why it's 12:53 pm and now is the time to write.

exciting news:

1. the england girls are home in 2 DAYS. can't even believe it.
2. i have two holiday parties coming up that i am excited for.
3. i have a beautiful, brand new, well deserved & waited for guitar. FINALLY.
4. i'm joining my gym to shape up for my 10k. again.
5. my church did Help Portrait in baltimore city this morning and it was amazing.
6. i slept in on friday morning. a rarity.
7. my room is currently a wreck.. but at least i got the dishes done :)
8. i had chick-fil-a twice today. and i loved it.. no regrets.
9. i saw dashboard confessional on friday night and chris carrabba is one amazing man.
10. i'm getting my christmas shopping done.. slowly but surely.

more soon!

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