Monday, November 8, 2010

DAYS 11 & 12: compliments.

continuing the 30 days of truth..

day 11 - something people seem to compliment you on the most.

my eyes and hair. i don't know what it is about my hair, but it's a very frequent occurrence that someone tells me it looks good and asks if i've gotten it cut or dyed (no, i don't dye my hair). even my closest friends who i see all the time ask me!! i think it's because i'll go for periods of time wearing it up, so when i wear it down it looks like i've done something new. either way, i'll take the compliments :) and my mom is always saying that my eyes are beautiful. my response to that is, "mom. they're YOUR EYES." haha.. no joke, my brother, sister and i all have our mom's eyes. thanks mom!

day 12 - something you never get compliments on.

hmm.. i don't even know how to answer this. i will say something i would never compliment myself on: my handwriting. not that it's awful, but i tend to write quickly and by the end of the paragraph, i hate how it looks. which is bad because i journal a lot. when i write little notes to my friends i try to make it prettier. (once again, my mom says she loves my cursive writing when i write cards to her on holidays. go figure.)

come back later for more answers!

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