Sunday, October 31, 2010


Day 5 of the "30 days of truth."

something you hope to do in your life.

for me, this would be get married and have a family. a lot of the time i think i'm unsure about having children because i grew up in a household with a bad marriage and a lot of sibling rivalry (see previous post). but if i have my own family, i think it would be a chance to do things the right way and show my kids what love really is. i hope that happens. i'm 24 and single right now and i know i have time, but everywhere i turn my friends are seriously dating, engaged, married, or having children. my life is good but ideally, i would love to get married before i'm 30 to have a couple/few crucial years just me and my husband, then start having kids. but the Lord has a plan to do whatever He wants with me and i have to trust Him that He knows best (even though that's super hard sometimes.)

oh, and happy Halloween! my roommate and i have a senior high schooler's photoshoot today, then we're going to camp out at the house making apple cider with spiced rum and handing out candy to the kiddos of our neighborhood. :)

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