Monday, October 25, 2010

DAY 3 - FORGIVENESS [part 1].

day 3 of the "30 Days of Truth" is..

something you have to forgive yourself for.

i would say trying to measure up to everyone else around me. mostly other women around my age. doing this to myself is like torture that i can't stop. i know God created me with my own personal plan that He has in mind and more love for me than anyone on this earth could have. i read other christian blogs written by women seemingly just like me, except i find them to be so much freer in Christ than i have been. that's probably what hits me hardest. we all know and follow the same Way, Truth and Life; yet i feel like they have a greater grasp on it than me. i don't even know why i feel that way. i just read what these incredible women write about and are praying for and how their lives are going and i just WANT THAT. i want to love Jesus more than life like i know they do.

so maybe it's not so much the forgiveness of wanting a different life i have to deal with. maybe it's forgiving myself for falling short of knowing all that the Lord has for me and continually turning away from it. and making a change to embrace my life and live it fully and in all its beauty, even in the highest joy and deepest pain.

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