Monday, October 25, 2010


Day 2 of the "30 Days of Truth" is..

something you love about yourself.

i really like the fact that i always want to be there for my friends. if they need me, i try to come running. if they want a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or words of advice, i offer all of it. they do the same for me. i love knowing that they can rely on me (and hopefully they know that). a lot of us have been through hard times together, but having someone you know you can trust is priceless.

also, i love my eyes. because they are my mom's and brother's and sister's. (no one got my dad's haha.) my mother is always telling me they are so beautiful. and i just go, "mom. they're YOURS." :)

last but not least, i love the fact that i was able to teach myself to play guitar. it's the one thing i've ever accomplished truly on my own. i bought my first guitar on eBay for $150 and didn't even know if i would get the hang of it-- now it's my love. i lead worship for my church and record and write and it feels like i've done it forever. and it never gets old.

until next time.. <3

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