Monday, August 2, 2010

monday monday

1. my work day went by SO fast.
2. i think our house is finally complete - the last touch was the dining room table which is put together except for one chair. because we can't find a missing screw.
3. i made my own coffee this morning instead of drinking the work coffee and it was so much better. i like it STRONG, people!
4. i may do some recording this week.. i've missed it.
5. i want to get a hayley williams haircut. and i wish i could dye it her color.
6. i heart bagelwiches.
7. there is wine in my fridge!!
8. my roommate made chocolate chip cookies last night. :)
9. where do all these bruises on my legs come from?!
10. i've pretty much watched the movie Whip It twice in one week (with people who have never seen it, of course). i love it that much.

1 comment:

Kaley said...

i'm jealous of your wine and cookies. that's my favorite food combo!