Saturday, July 31, 2010


1. sometimes i'm happy, and sometimes i'm not.
2. work has been excellent this week. (panera bagels, dunkin donuts, lunches out, happy hour!)
3. i miss my puppy and apple & riss.
4. my room is a freaking mess.
5. we have patio furniture! and had a delicious dinner outside on it last night, complete with random fireworks from our neighbors.
6. my roommate is going to teach me how to play tennis.
7. is there such a thing as feeling lonely even when you're technically not?
8. why is england so far away and so expensive to get to??
9. i want to travel.
10. i'm seeing paramore with tegan & sara tonight!!!

in other news.. a neighbor left a hate note on my car concerning parking, i bought a rainbow $5 tank top from old navy, and i need to buy a coffeepot.

also, this blog is now "lists of random," and will look like this from now on.

enjoy the day. <3

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