Saturday, June 5, 2010

it's about time for an update..

1. tomorrow i am running my first race! 10k, here i come.
2. bestest and i signed our lease and got our keys :)
3. i really love my job. the people make it so great.
4. my fish is still alive! kind of surprising.. usually i kill 'em quick.
5. the england travelers are coming home in 2 months :)
6. finally, FINALLY i'm seeing paramore next month.
7. i hate paying bills. it's only going to get worse.
8. i'm going to miss my puppy a lot when i move out.
9. i like having a life again. employment is great.
10. ash & laura-- i love you. you girls take care of me and make my week so much better. <3

more updating when i move into my house with faster internet! :)

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